Hideaki Takahashi
<h />our<br />link

<h />our<br />link ( hour blink) is the first media art work of Hideaki Takahashi , who, as electronica artist mjuc among other projects has released two albums and has composed for film, TV and performance events.

With the expansion of the Internet and its connectivity to related technology, media and information networks have spread rapidly across the globe. We are constantly exposed to streams of information everyday. However, what do we actually know? In a world where incidents are treated with similar analytical processes and absorbed by newly-released information, how can we regard each of the incidents as something that can happen to you? Where is the space for the imagination?

In this event, we provide a flood of information through 10 speakers placed between the seats, 16 super tweeters hang from the ceiling, 6 projection screens suspended at various angles, LED light displays and other audio-visual equipment are also included in the space. When we are forced to face in danger ? our brink ? what do we see? This is an experiment to question the brink of reality.
This DVD was re-edited by mixing live shooting visuals with original visuals ,including 5.1 surround mix track.

Artist : Hideaki Takahashi ( m j u c)
Title : <h />our<br />link
Label : aiding
No. : AID-007
Format : DVD+CD
Price : 3,000 yen
Release : 22 February 2009

Disc 1 DVD Video
scene1 11:04
scene2 10:10
scene3 10:00
scene4 10:53
scene5 09:07
scene6 09:37

Disc 2 Audio CD
scene1 14:25
scene2 10:10
scene3 10:01
scene4 10:55
scene5 09:04
scene6 09:12

Digest Ver.

<h />our<br />link

Organizer : Asahi Cafe Night Executive Committee / P3 art and environment / aiding
Special Sponsorship : Asahi Breweries,Ltd. Original Idea & Script : Hideaki Takahashi

Direction : Kunihiko Matsuo / Hideaki Takahashi
Music : Hideaki Takahashi ( mjuc ) / Support sound creator : Uwe Haas
Visual : Kunihiko Matsuo / Kenshin Nawa
Projection System Design : Kunihiko Matsuo
Spatial Planning , Lighting System : Naoki Hamanaka
Sound Effect , Live Processing : Hideaki Takahashi / Uwe Haas
Piano : Hideaki Takahashi
Free Vocalization : Yutaka Fukuoka

String Ensemble :
Violin : Remi Sebori / Tomoko Yoshinari / Kana Yamato / Yoshie Matano
Viola : Utaka Fujiwara / Keiko Murata
Violon cello : Toshiyuki Muranaka / Sho Tomoda

DVD editor : Takeshi Ichikawa
Movie camera : Hiroyuki Sato / Takeshi Ichikawa
Still camera : Goto Aki / Akari
Mastering engineer : Kimken
Cover & booklet photos : Goto Aki
Cover Artwork : Akari
Translator : Andrew Thomas (hybrid) / Rumi Takahashi (hybrid)

DVD produce : aiding ( http://www.aiding.jp )

Special thanks :
CMprocess / DOTMOV / SHIFT / Femke Bijlsma / Allard Roeterink / Sembo / Arjan van Sorge /
Birgit Pedersen / Ouca / Mirl / Devon Hughes / Takako Hamano / Atsushi Sasaki (AOI-DC) /
Tomohiro Okada (Creative cluster) / Rie Amaki / Norikazu Sato /
Tomonori Inokawa (now on media,himanainu inc.) / Yoshiyuki Shimizu (z production Inc.) / Hisaji Hara / Masanobu Kimura / Mizuki Nishimura (N&N) / Kiyoshi Okabe / Yuna / Akari Takahashi (aiding)


Delicate, yet pepperxed with violence, elaborate and intricate, though boldly expressive,
the unique tension of his music comes from the conflicting elements within each of the tracks.

Takahashi visited Europe for the second annual tour September 2006,
and performed at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and at XFM in London.

He released his second album called “parallel points” in November and toured domestically in Japan,
supported by Apple.

Has collaborated with many musicians including Yutaka Fukuoka, Jadranka, Masakatsu Takagi,
Kazuhiro Nishijima (ballet dancer) and Alessio Silvestrin (ex-dancer of Ballet Frankfurt).

He composed media opera <h />our <br />link and performed at Asahi art square November 2007.
And also he composed music for Japanese traditional Noh, it performed in New Delhi India November 2008 .

Takahashi has released albums as 'nature blunt' , 'Deep frame' and 'mjuc'.
His music has been used for TV programs including "NHK Special",
"Prime Time" by NHK, "News23", "World Heritage" by TBS,
and he also composes for commercials and TV documentary films.


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Artist : mjuc
Title : monody
Label : aiding
No. : AID-001CD
Format : CD
Price : 2,100 yen
Release : October 2002
1. Echo dance
2. Zero
3. Inward line
4. Organic blur
5. Rewind
6. Mutiple star
7. Beyond the memory
Artist : mjuc
Title : parallel points
Label : aiding
No. : AID-006
Format : CD
Price : 2,500 yen
Release : Octber 2006
1. gravity
2. the wind's eye
3. unstable line
4. monotone
5. axis mundi
6. noise moving
7. intervention

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