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Cast & Staff Profile

Hideaki Takahashi (mjuc) : Musician

Delicate, yet peppered with violence, elaborate and intricate, though boldly expressive, the unique tension of his music comes from the conflicting elements within each of the tracks. Takahashi visited Europe for the second annual tour last September, and performed at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and at XFM in London. He released his second album called gparallel pointsh in November 2006 and toured domestically in Japan, supported by Apple. Has collaborated with many musicians including Yutaka Fukuoka, Jadranka, Masakatsu Takagi, Yoichi Okabe(Rovo), Natsuki Kido, Kazuhiro Nishijima (ballet dancer) and Alessio Silvestrin (ex-dancer of Ballet Frankfurt).
Takahashi has released albums as enature bluntf, eDeep framef, and emjucf.
His music has been used for TV programs including gNHK Specialh, gPrime Timeh by NHK, gNews23h, gWorld Heritageh by TBS, and he also composes for commercials and TV documentary films.

Kunihiko Matsuo: Media Artist
Born in Mito City, 1969. Joined eintermedia performance unit nestf in 1994 and specializes in interactive technology, audio visual design, and contemporary dance. Recently he has collaborated with artists within and outside Japan using CMprocess (

Kenshin Nawa: Visual Creator, Director from Creative Division of Aoi Promotion
Mainly works on commercials, tv programmes, film, and internet. His short film eHajimef made in 2006 has been released in Japan and at international film festivals in the U.S., Spain and France.

Naoki Hamanaka: Architect
Representative of Hamanaka Design Studio ( Joined eintermedia performance unit nestf in 1994. As a core member of the group, he specializes in concept work, space design and art direction. Lately he has developed a system using original lighting and develops spatial design applying various new ideas. His product idea was selected as a plan to commercialise at Toyama Product Design Competition in 1999. In 2004, his team won the eExcellence Prizef at a competition in Braunschweig City, Germany.

Yutaka Fukuoka: Composer, Free Vocalization Artist, Producer
Pop, ethnic music, club music, contemporary...absorbing various styles of music, Fukuoka sings his own vocals which canft be categorized. Itfs been several years since he started calling his free-style vocalization performance eYEN Callingf. Signed to the Teichiku Entertainment label, he has released albums regularly. Developing his original style, he expresses his mind elevation singing without lyrics and
gives various effects on his voice with a sampling machine. Lately you should have heard of his voice on TV. He wrote a film score for a Japanese film eDororof.Pyenchang/

Uwe Haas: Musician
Having a studio in Hamburg from 1994, Uwe Haas has composed for TV documentary programs and films. Received Germany TV Award for the music of gthe war in Vietnamh. He doesnft stop seeking for the next level of electronic music beyond the current stereotyped music and club beats. In 2006, he released goutsideh which was inspired by his favourite city Tokyo. Now he writes a score for a documentary film gAl Meih that will be released in 2008.

AO: Sound Designer
Born in Toyama Prefecture, 1956. He has mainly worked on recording, mixing, and sound design for commercials, films, and music, especially in field recording. Like taking pictures, he can trip the shutter for music. He worked at post production companies before he became a freelancer. He was recordist musical recording engineer for the 2007 Cannesf Grand Prix film eThe Mourning Forestf.